When Can Toddlers Go down the Slide?

Babies are extreme happiness for a parent. Parents are happy enjoying their entire time playing with the children all the time. Being a new parent, taking care of your child is a challenging and beautiful journey of your life. Parents should also focus on the baby’s cognitive skills, physical development, and social interaction skills. TheseRead more ⟶

Breastfeeding Handbook

Things to know about breastfeeding #1. 10 benefits of breastfeeding Breast milk is an extremely beneficial source of nutrition for the comprehensive development of a newborn baby. This is also considered a dose of antibiotics to help your baby against illnesses, bacteria from birth. Therefore, it is not uncommon for experts to offer breastfeeding advice.Read more ⟶

Why Is a Digital Thermometer More Accurate?

Thermometer play a vital role in checking the temperature of human body and using digital thermometer has become a common practice around the world, as it is more accurate than normal type. There are different kinds of thermometers used by doctors and each has various characteristics. There are thermometers which are characterized for different agesRead more ⟶

A nasal spray that can stop arguments?

Scientists might be a bit sniffy about this latest research, but a nasal spray containing a hormone can help bring happiness to warring couples living together. A study has shown that breathing in a compound containing oxytocin makes women calmer and friendlier and men more sensitive and positive during arguments. Dubbed the ‘cuddle drug’, oxytocin is naturallyRead more ⟶

Success in Parenting — Avoiding the Happiness and Self-Esteem Traps

The Aspen Ideas Festival (AIF) is designed as a marketplace of “ideas of consequence.” Its purpose, according to Kitty Boone, Director of AIF, is “to bring leaders, problem solvers, deep thinkers and enthused champions to inspire us to imagine the possible for change and progress.” Thus, it is notable that this year, amid subject tracks like Democracy,Read more ⟶