Breathe and Smile are two simple things anyone can do to immediately feel better.  The full phrase is “breathe, breathe again, smile and relax” from  Thich Nhat Hanh.  Breathe and smile is at the core of any meditation, relaxation, or mindfulness practice.

There is a lot of advice thrown around about happiness.  Do this, do that.  It can cause one to get very stressed out.  Some experts talk about happiness as if its a matter of will power, like forging ahead on a diet.  Yes, we need to do stuff, and yes, being happy is very much within our control.  But the premise of breathe and smile is that happiness is closer and easier than you think.  It can be as easy as breathing and smiling, at least for a start.

And that’s where we need to be, at the start.  The posts on this blog will hopefully help us get farther down the road, but a practice of breathing and smiling will till your own soil so that you’re ripe and ready to hear it.

Today and every day, be nice to yourself, breathe and smile.