When Can Toddlers Go down the Slide

When Can Toddlers Go down the Slide?

Babies are extreme happiness for a parent. Parents are happy enjoying their entire time playing with the children all the time. Being a new parent, taking care of your child is a challenging and beautiful journey of your life.

Parents should also focus on the baby’s cognitive skills, physical development, and social interaction skills. These skills develop through various physical activities like playing with their pals either indoor or outdoor. The best indoor slides for toddlers help in enhancing these physical skills.

Activities for toddlers

There are many activities for babies to promote motor skills, communication skills, physical skills, and mental skill set. There are countless activities to keep your toddler happy and busy. Tunnels, puzzles, tricycles, and sliders are wonderful choices for physical and mental development. Choosing the best indoor slide can ensure your child to play with safe equipment.

Slide types and variations

Slides vary in height. They make it from either stainless steel or plastic. They are brightly colored to coordinate with other play equipment. You know sliders to be one of the biggest attractions to your child. Let us look at the greatest advantages of introducing slides to your babies.

Appropriate age for my toddler to play with the slide

As soon as when your baby reaches his or her toddler stage, they explore the surrounding environment. They love playing with tunnels and slides. A slide varies as curved, bumped, spiral, and straight irrespective of height and type of the ladder.

This makes it difficult for them to decide an exact developmental progression and age recommendation for the child when to go down the slide independently. Depending upon the height and shape of the slide, a baby can go up and down a small slide without other’s help at 22 months-26 months.

The child develops and grows by playing various physical activities. During their preschool years and toddler stage, they will learn how to go down a spiral-shaped slide. Once they are perfect with balance, eye coordination, and social skills, they can go down even a curved or bumpy slide.

When Can Toddlers Go down the Slide

Slide size for your child

The size of the slide is as important as the material. A slide should not be too big for your small toddler, and a slide should not be tiny for your preschool kid. It is necessary to pick a suitable slide for your baby’s age. The easiest way to check the slide for your babies is to check the age guidelines label on the package.

We recommend 6-foot slides for a kid aging around 6–12-year-old. 4 -5 feet slides are favorable for 3-5 years old child. Small plastic slides are easy to play for 20–24 months old toddlers. As they are easy and safe to climb up and down.  Read labels in the package. Accidents may happen sometimes if your child exceeds the recommended weight. A small plastic slide can hold up to 20- 25 kilograms.

Benefits of using slides

Social skill development

Every baby loves to play with slides. They always get excited when they see the slides in the playground. A few people are waiting for their turn. Thus it helps them to impart social skills like sharing, taking turns, cooperative play, patience, and tolerance. These skills are going to aid your babies in their social interactions.


Playing with slides leads them to learn about balancing. It develops its eye to eye coordination skills. This helps them to enhance their spatial arrangement between them. They will learn when to slide and when to put their feet down the while reaching the bottom of the slide.

Physical development

According to babies, sliding down is huge fun and a great task. Your toddler will put hard work to play with slides. It also increases the strength of your toddler’s muscle.

What are the best slides made of?

The material of slides decides its durability and safety. A slide made of metal is not safe for a toddler at the earlier stages, as it may cause an injury to your baby. While a metal slide suits for an older child. Thus, when choosing the slide, parents should pay separate attention to the particular material. Select the slide according to their age and caliber.

Stainless steel: It is ideal for an outdoor playground. It is durable, smooth, and easily helps the toddlers to go down the slide.

Plastic: Indoor slides for toddlers are made of plastic material. They are light, affordable, safer, and harmless than the other options.

Metal: It is very important to place the slide under a shaded area to avoid sunlight. This material, when exposed to sunlight, causes a burning sensation to your toddler.

Plastic and fiberglass are the best options as they are affordable and safer to play. Especially it reduces the surface temperature when the slide gets exposed to direct sunlight.

Safety considerations

Parents should always be extra cautious about choosing the slides for their toddlers. Even indoor slides can cause accidents. For these reasons, it is better to choose a slide with the right safety features for your child.

  • Slide bumpers and handles should be easy to hold and have a strong and easy to grip.
  • While placing the slide either in the backyard or outdoor, make sure the ground surface is not rough. Sand and grass are preferable surface choices for outdoor slides.
  • The slide should have a platform with rails at the top area to ensure the safety of your child to feel secure once they start from top to slide down.
  • Slide with the flat surface bottom is safe for landing.

When Can Toddlers Go down the Slide

Additional features to look in a slide

A slide with a change is perfect for toddlers who are learning to walk. Some slides come with balls and rings. You can also buy slides with swings and basketball hoops.


An extra feature in a slide is much more interesting and fun for your children to play. It is absolutely parents’ choice to choose the slide with additional features.it is appreciable to invest in the best indoor slides for toddlers as they aid in physical skills. Anyway, either indoor or outdoor parents should be very cautious and always keep an eye on them while they play. Enjoy and experience the journey as a new parent.